Kursy językowe

Language courses

We organize and perform general courses as well as specialised courses for different branches and industries at all levels.  Language trainings by Austro Consult aim at expanding the vocabulary related to:
-  business language (negotiations, complaints, meetings, presentations)
- technical language (mining, automotive)


Translation services

We offer written translations, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. All translation tasks are done by the best translators from all over Poland. We guarantee the highest quality of the services provided by us, thanks to the reliability, experience and knowledge of our personnel. We are able to interpret during conferences, meetings and training sessions. Our team is experienced, discreet and calm – the cooperation with our clients is based on these pillars.


The classes are taught only in a specified foreign language, however, new issues are presented in an accessible way, so that students start to talk and think in the foreign language from the very beginning of the course.

This method is effective thanks to its dynamism, flexibility and creativity.

Go for the best!

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About us

The idea of giving languages lessons for business clients was born in 2001. Since then, Austro Consult Sp. z o.o. has been teaching foreign languages and providing translations.

Our history starts in Kraków, but since 2003 we have been operating a branch Polkowice, serving clients from Legnica Special Economic Zone and from Lower Silesia region of Poland. An interesting item in our offer is Hindi course organised in Wrocław.

By focusing on business clients, we have been able to specialise our team in giving thematic courses focusing on the vocabulary of specific professional areas.



Austro Consult Sp. z o.o.
Language courses / translations for business clients

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Austro Consult Sp. z o. o.
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If you are a teacher or a translator and you want to work for us, send us your CV in Polish and in your target language.

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